What We Do​


“Benefits of exercise include reduced anxiety, depression, risk of cardiovascular disease, better weight control, and increased self-esteem” (National Academy of Sports Medicine Essentials of Personal Fitness Training). Paradise Stronger hosts group fitness classes for all ages, activity levels and fitness experience. For a more personalized experience, Paradise Stronger offers Personal Training led by Certified Personal Trainers.

Wellness Education

Through a series of monthly FREE community lectures hosted by professionals from Paradise and the surrounding communities, Paradise Stronger strives to promote healthy lifestyles and living. Our lecture series topics will include nutrition, disease (arthritis, diabetes, etc), exercise principles, physical therapy and rehabilitation, mental health (grief, depression, stress, anxiety, etc.), and many more.


Paradise Stronger exists to be a benefit to the Paradise community through free educational lectures, participation in community events, membership scholarships to community members in need, and discounted memberships to service personnel (Fire, Police, Medical, Military). Most importantly, “a Strong community starts Here” because every healthy individual is a benefit to our rebuilding community.

Our Story

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Rebuilding from the Camp Fire

Our story begins in August, 2015. Paradise Ridge CrossFit was finally becoming the fitness community and family we had been waiting for. With each new year, we were adding class times and class attendance was growing.

In 2017, Paradise Ridge CrossFit created a Spartan team and celebrated the completion of their first Spartan Trifecta. By 2018 we were hosting CrossFit events such as the Festivus Games; we invited many athletes all over the North State to compete including many of our own members.

Paradise Ridge was more than just a place to work out. It was a place where goals were met, fears were conquered, and friends became family. We had game nights, BBQs, holiday workouts, and lots of laughs. We celebrated each others fitness accomplishments and birthdays, we supported personal losses and down days.

On the morning of November 8th, 2018, many of us attended the 5:30 AM class, just like a normal day. Little did we know, it would be FAR from “normal”.
November 8th, 2018 is the day NO ONE will forget. On this day, the CampFire took our homes, businesses, community, and for some, their lives.
While evacuating our burning town, many reached out to friends and family, making sure everyone was safe. During the evacuation, CrossFit Rack, (530 Strength and Conditioning) reached out to Aaron Singer. They graciously offered a place to stay connected and workout, for as long as we needed to. For many months we were able to keep several members from Paradise Ridge together.

With more members coming together, we moved to another facility, Alpha Strong Gym. Throughout 2019, it has been extremely healing to be able to continue to connect daily with our fitness family.

We are proud and excited to announce that we are going back home. As the town of Paradise rebuilds, we too,will be apart of the recovery and rebuilding.
We are more than just a gym, we are Paradise Stronger. Our mission is to build a healthier community by providing quality programs that promote fitness, wellness, connectedness and recovery Paradise Stronger is a Non Profit Organization.

We will arise based on the investment of those who believe in our mission. We invite you to contribute. There are many ways you can donate. Give to our GoFundMe account, donations, or volunteer your time at the Paradise annual, Chocolate Festival.

Our Mission


To build a healthier community by providing quality programs that promote wellness, connectedness, fitness and recovery.


Paradise Stronger exists to be an asset to the Paradise community by inspiring and empowering its residents to take control of their own health and well-being through wellness education programs, recovery services, fitness classes and partnerships with like-minded organizations. These services, that will contribute to the physical, emotional and social well-being of the community, will become an important asset in rebuilding the Paradise community while guiding people into a healthy lifestyle.


Physical activity is a core predictor of overall health. Activity contributes to physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being. To that end, services will include fitness classes for children, teens and adults of all levels and abilities. Classes will emphasize posture, core strength, flexibility, agility, endurance, coordination, proprioception and balance applied safely to distinct ages and ability. As Paradise Stronger grows it will welcome other fitness practitioners to offer personal training and teach classes that align with the mission and vision.


Paradise Stronger will be dedicated to wellness education. We will cultivate a learning environment that positively encourages healthy behaviors and healthy mindset. We will invite health professionals to provide free classes on topics such as nutrition, diabetes prevention, depression, etc.


Also critical to Paradise Stronger’s success is the development of partnerships with other organizations. We will be dedicated to community development through strong partnerships that will benefit the community. One such partnership will be with California Vocations, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing residential and vocational support to developmentally disabled adults, to provide employment opportunities for members of their program.


Many residents continue to struggle mentally and emotionally with the impact of the disaster on this community. In order to heal from a disaster of this magnitude people need ongoing support. It is our mission to collaborate with local professionals who can provide free appropriate mental health services. Paradise Stronger will be a refuge for those residents on the ridge who are rebuilding their homes and their lives. We aim to instill resilience in our community by offering a healthy approach to the mental, emotional and physical stresses they will encounter in the process of rebuilding. Our partnerships with like-minded organizations will not be confined to the walls of a building. We will collaborate with other non-profits organizations that benefit the youth or our community by participating in events such as the Paradise Chocolate Fest and Adventist Health Wellness Expos.